Behind the Bastards - The Man Who Ruined New York

A fantastic look at just how Robert Moses wielded his soft power as the head of parks to redline and destroy so much of the public good in New York.

Confirming - yes the ~@bastardspod~ episodes on Rob Moses are solid. Really liked this bit on transit. It’s not hard to come up with recent examples in ~#yyctransit~ and ~#yycwalk~ that are intentionally or not echo this.

Part 2 - 43:54 - “A classic example of architecture exclusion. The case settled but it presents a stark example of the dangers inherent in exclusionary transit design. There are body counts to this shit. When the walls are made up of moats of fast moving cars, people are going to die try to get from A to B. People who can’t afford public transit. People are going to get arrested hoping on public transit ‘cause they can’t afford it because it is expensive because funds have been drained away. The consequences of all this are so titanic, and echo out so widely in our society. They all come down to - we don’t think it’s good for the mall if certain people can travel there.”

Behind the Bastards - The Man Who Ruined New York

Part 1:

Part 2: