CBC Ideas - Man Up! The Masculinity Crisis

Part One

Before this I did not quite understand how much puritanical hatred of masturbation set the stage for the toxic masculinizing of society. Behind the Bastards has looked at the problematic origins of the fitness industry and Kellogg.

Part Two

Covers the overlap between hyper masculinity and hyper partisanship with McCarthyism. Why does the need for portraying something you disagree with non masculine features of the time matter so much?

It starts with the phrase and concept of man up.

The placement of “Promise Keepers” that I had to experience in my upbringing gave a lot of context for where and why it grew so much.

Part Three

The desire and need to decide masculinity helps explain the cult classic nature of fight club, acceptance of the drivel from Jordan Peterson, and the prevalence of red pill ideology with racist, misogynistic, and classist comfort to give meaning to predominantly young, white men without positive influences.

The engagement funnel on social media that draws them to extremist points of view from flat earth to Andrew Tate would create a self propagating cycle creating extremists from grifters.

The rhyming with self help grift is not part of it but the effectiveness is because it rhymes. One thing Scott Adams was good at noting in 2007 is that it’s easier to be successful at the merger of two skills. He’s still a MAGA piece of trash but he wasn’t wrong at items to build a brand or increase the odds of becoming known.

“Identity politics is full fledged on the right” - 33:08

“Anger is the only emotion men are allowed to express without tarnishing their masculinity” - 37:10

Ideas - Man Up! The Masculinity Crisis

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three: