CBC Ideas - Injustice For All, Part One and Two

Part One

Part one plays again on the 9th. I guess I didn’t write the bits down about family law and self representation. Or the sheer amount of debt folks go into.

~ 5 min mark - as many as 80% are self represented represents the massive chasm we have in accessibility to a system that is DESIGNED to require experts on both sides.

How often is the system really just a way of punishing those who are poor? The stories in this episode - especially when it comes to family law underline this.

Part Two

1:20 - it may be working as anticipated but what if it is working as designed?

3:40 - this can not be lost on you that this not a criminal justice system that is responding to the need to keep all of us safe by actually applying the criminal code evenly or applying the criminal code in a neutral way.

12-13:00 - the retelling of how those without the ability to bail or funds for a lawyer will often plea guilty and get out with time served. This isn’t justice.

Having access to courts does not mean access to justice.

15:50 - Severe punitive policies does not actually sufficiently deter crime.

35 minute mark - a succinct summary that the lack of investment in legal aid is intentional. It’s not about fiscal conservatism but from a critical race srandpoint this exists maintain certain types of inequality.

It’s more than $100,000 per prisoner to incarcerate them in Canada.

CBC Ideas - Injustice For All Part One

CBC Ideas - Injustice For All Part Two