Curtin Notes

Inheritance/multiple files

Choose a file to include:

{{inhert "file"}}

However the file being included will REPLACE your previous file’s contents without:


At the top of the file, and this needs to be repeated for each inherited file.

MAAS required commands

If you’re using Curtin with MAAS remember to ensure you have the following late command:

99-maas: [wget, '--no-proxy', {{node_disable_pxe_url|escape.json}}, '--post-data', {{node_disable_pxe_data|escape.json}}, '-O', '/dev/null']

As well as the following:

 maas: |
  {{for line in str(curtin_preseed).splitlines()}}

Using echo

Unlike wget or other commands, commands running in the shell’s environment need to have a shell process spun up in the target to get the correct path.

You will need to use sh -c in the command:

  18-deny-module-ipmi: ['curtin', 'in-target', '--', 'sh', '-c', "echo blacklist ipmi_si >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf"]
  18-deny-module-nouveau: ['curtin', 'in-target', '--', 'sh', '-c', "echo blacklist nouveau >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf"]