Day Two Cloud - 214 - Preparing People, Teams, And Infrastructure For Automation

Is not overly prescriptive and something I can point folks to on how to get things prepared and starting on the addition of automation.

12 min mark - the importance of observability of what’s happening. The illusion of control was always there and folks need that certainty.

Version control is the tool/process necessary to start this. It should be your source of truth. Beware tool proliferation - you can’t buy a DevOps (they’ll sell you one though)

Repository approach - you can change. Undersegmentation and over segmentation is always an issue - find what works for your org. Guest is not a fan of monorepos - but also clear other orgs make it work. (Eg. Google - but they have tooling just for it)

Proponent for using Terraform whenever possible - if need be drop to Ansible. Most of it is to do with resource management than config of existing resources.

Other side suggestions:

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