Grabbing a list of Stars from Overcast’s Data Export

  1. Go to
  2. Download All your Data. This is a custom OPML file.

Most Basic

grep userRecommendedDate overcast.opml

XMLPath Fun

This requires xmllint to be installed. (Installed with Xcode or Homebrew)

Will output all of the feeds

xmllint -xpath '/opml/body/outline[@text="feeds"]/outline/outline[@userRecommendedDate]' overcast.opml

For myself I created a list of Overcast URLs:

xmllint -xpath '/opml/body/outline[@text="feeds"]/outline/outline[@userRecommendedDate]/@overcastUrl' --format overcast.opml | sed 's/ overcastUrl=\"//g' | sed 's/\"//g'


Sometimes you also just need to accept you can’t do a fun one liner and need to write a script.

As such I made one (available at

Python 3, using XPaths above, turning it into a format, and then using Bear’s callback URL format to create new notes.