Greek Yogurt (Instant Pot)


4 L milk 2 Tbsp starter


1 L milk 1.5 tsp starter


  1. (Optional) Sterilize the pot by setting to steam for 5 min. Drain, cool off pot.
  2. Pour milk into cool pot.
  3. Push yogurt and adjust to say boil
  4. Whisk milk every 10 minutes until temperature reaches 180 F / 82 C. If necessary put on sauté (this should take 45 minutes)
  5. Remove pot and put in sink of cold water and let cool (~10 minutes)
  6. Add starter to milk
  7. Put back into Instant Pot and set to Yogurt (normal) to 8-9 hours (9 is more tangy)
  8. When done, cool and then transfer to a strainer (1 chemex filter in metal strainer works great)
  9. Let strain for 3-4 hours or overnight.
  10. Enjoy!


Yogurt starter - plain yogurt or previous yogurt. Milk + bacteria.