Instant Pot Air Fryer Notes


Single layer 400 F - 8-12 min
Defrosted first.


400 F - 15-20 min. Stir with tongs every 3-5 min


Frozen: 400F - 15 min. Flip halfway
Fresh: 400F - 8-10 min


390 7 min

Skin side up on parchment paper

Green Onion Pancakes

Cook to defrost and then move to top to crisp:

  1. Put frozen pancake in foil in bottom of basket. 7 min 380 F
  2. Move pancake to metal topper and put new frozen pancake in foil. 7 min 380 F. Flip top pancake at half way mark.
  3. Repeat until done

Brussel Sprouts