O11ycast - Ep. 56 - Opinions on Opinions with Kris Nova

3 min in hits things about Kubernetes (and OpenStack) so well. Its super flexible and so will not automatically solve your problems. It’s a glue - it’s the vehicle to get something together.

Around the 10:51 mark, Charity has a great summary of the topic of coming to an opinion:

This is a Rule of Thumb that you should follow unless you have a reason to break this. Choose boring technology. I think that was so brilliant because it should be the default choice. You have a limited number of innovation tokens. You can’t spend many of them because you’ll doom your business. So how are you going to spend them wisely and how are you going to rely on the most boring technology possible?

Around the 13 minute mark the book Good Strategy Bad Strategy by Richard Rumelt is recommended.

Around the 15:30 minute mark holds some awesome advice from Kris:

Accepting that you need to get 60-70% of the way there, turn it on, and focus more on not letting the debt pile up, and the fires to pile up. Some decision is better than no decision.

Getting a cluster online is actually the easy part of the journey. It’s keeping it online, and keeping it healthy and keeping it upgraded and not getting completely buried in dirt and technical debt. That’s the hard part in my opinion and experience in operating Kube at scale.

O11ycast - Ep. 56, Opinions on Opinions with Kris Nóva