Random X to openstack CLI translations

Official Doc:


cinder reset-state
openstack volume set --state


keystone token-get
openstack token issue


neutron l3-agent-list-hosting-router
openstack network agent list --long --router 

neutron dhcp-agent-list-hosting-net
openstack network agent list --long --network

neutron router-list-on-l3-agent
oepnstack router list --long --agents

neutron agent-list
openstack network agent list


nova service-disable 
openstack compute service set
nova boot
openstack server create
nova hypervisor-stats
openstack hypervisor stats show
nova instance-action-list
openstack server event list
nova reset-state
openstack server set --state
nova service-list
openstack compute service list


swift list
openstack container list
swift list <container>
openstack object list <container>
swift upload
openstack object create
swift download
openstack object save
swift stat
openstack object store account show

NOTE: tempurl is not in the openstackcli.