sips is awesome but I can never remember my most used cases.

Square Image

Take a non-square image and “square it” - often for avatars and such.

sips -g pixelWidth test.png
sips -g pixelHeight test.png
# Set YYY to the max of the values above
sips -p YYY YYY test.png -o square.png

Whatever to 16x10

This is my go to command when downloading new images from the Webb Telescope.

sips Hubble_Deep_Field_SMACS0723.png -Z 1600x1600 -p 1600 3840 -o test.png

This doesn’t always work as expected (eg. Sips-300 with Ventura. If so, the -Z values need to be tweaked.

  1. Find ratio of image (width/height)

    eg. 9474/4654 = 2.035

  2. If greater than 2.4 (3840/1600) - multiply 1600 by the ratio. To use for Z (1600*2.035 = 3256)

  3. If ratio is less than 2.4 - multiply 3840 by the ratio. To use for Z (3840*2.035 = 7814)

sips MyImage.png -Z 7814x7814 -p 1600 3840 -o MyImage_CONVERT.png

Crop to 16x10

sips SomeTallImage.png -Z 3840x3840 -p 1600 3840 --cropOffset 635 -800 -o test.png

The offsets (x,y) in pixels require quite a bit of tweaking based on the image being resized to the longest side being 3840.

James Webb Telescope

The fact this page does not have an RSS feed maddens me.

Common flags

-i - add icon in Finder