The Gray Area with Sean Illing - The new crisis of masculinity

Christine Emba gives a fantastic look into how masculinity’s place has been morphed and turned into fertile ground for grifters with toxicity to sell.

When the only available vision is a toxic version of masculinity are we surprised at the results?

12 min markish - Beware the trap of falling into things being a zero sum game. The same issue that created hesitancy to affirmative action, is the same issue that is creating hesitancy to support because things have changed.

The void created over the last decades is like progressivism leaving labour behind. The space has been ceded and anything recognizing them is seen as better than nothing.

36 min mark dives into the ease of blaming of others and the hypocrisy of those who are behind the policies that created the situation in the first place - eg. offshoring and then surprised at impacts of that.

39 min mark underlines the erosion of communities - the chance for folks to find others in their community to provide good role models has eroded significantly.

40 min mark - You can’t mandate community

The overlap with programs to prevent youth from joining gangs oddly wasn’t noted.

The lack of ceremony or rite of passage and its effect is not something I ever gave much credence and the showing of David Gilmor’s work shows I was wrong.

There are many ways to be a good man - society needs a positive answer to this.

The Gray Area with Sean Illing - The new crisis of masculinity