The Red Line - The Green Line Series

This was an excellent series looking at how various countries are preparing for the transition, its impacts, and climate.

Episode 3 about Water Wars and the last about the winners and losers were the ones I enjoyed the most. I only wrote down my notes from episode 5.

The Winners and Losers of the Energy Transition

Aka The Death of the Petrostate

What happens when we see oil prices start dropping because we pass peak oil demand?

The touching on “low carbon” and “low cost” oil and how the choices being made now are shaping who will be the last one standing for the last vestiges of oil demand in the next 20 years. If anything it hilights further how backwards and mind numbingly dumb Alberta’s decisions are right now. Pivoting to “ethical oil” may sound smart but that ship (and the sheer disingenuous nature of such a slogan) has sailed.

$30/bbl expectations by 2030 should be very concerning.

How the US Military is Preparing for Climate Change

How the Chinese Military is Preparing for Climate Change

Water Wars

D.R.Congo: Dirty Metals for Clean Energy

The Winners and Losers of Energy Transition