You Are Not So Smart Book Podcasts

Monica Interview

I struggled with the bit of needing to talk to the other side when marginalized. Requiring the emotional labour from victims even if we are talking to those less oppositional feels big. Reinforcing that talking to everyone and not letting yourself fall into a bubble might be the bigger deal.

I part I loved is connecting to learn someone else’s experience. It requires listening.

Beyond your ken- beyond your experience. Came from beyond visible distance on the sea

Bo Interview

Physics of arguments Fact/Descriptive arguments Attitudinal/Normative arguments - moral? Should based/prescriptive Claims Conclusions Topic analysis

Are we still disagreeing about “x”? Fighting the dark arts - why do you believe what you believe? What are we disagreeing about? The art of being right - 38 ways to win an argument. How to deal with bad faith

Anand Interview

Anger and division means people care Dismissal and contempt is extremely toxic and fatal

The Russian “attack” on the 2016 election was about undermining discourse. It was about dismissal and contempt.

Anger gets things done

People having big feelings is the base material for political entrepreneurs. The right is better are weaponizing this

49:30 - good question (why should I offer anything empathetic when someone hates me) and answer (50:30). It’s hard. And it should be voluntary. Allies need to step up. Just because a trajectory is righteous it does not mean it will be easy.